Earn Income

Earn Income

Earn passive income with Tiny Homes 

Looking to boost your income and achieve financial freedom? Look no further. Renting out our charming tiny homes to locals or as an Airbnb / TinyAway is an incredible opportunity for passive income generation.

Based on latest Nelson / Tasman data from AIRDNA, you could earn an annual revenue of $25.9K, based upon an average daily rate of $113, at an average occupancy rate of 63%.


Experience the magic of tiny living 

Step into a world of cozy simplicity and discover the magic of tiny living. Our thoughtfully designed tiny homes offer all the comforts you need while maintaining an intimate and efficient space. From the moment your tenants or guests set foot inside, they’ll be captivated by the unique experience it provides. 


Earn passive income like never before.  

Say goodbye to traditional rental properties with their high startup costs and endless maintenance. Our tiny homes are a hassle-free investment that delivers exceptional returns. With the increasing popularity of tiny homes, you’ll have a consistent stream of eager locals or guests waiting to experience this one-of-a-kind lifestyle. 


Reach global audiences with Airbnb.  

Listing your tiny home on Airbnb opens the door to a vast global audience of travellers seeking unique and unforgettable stays. Tap into the power of this renowned platform and watch as bookings pour in from all corners of the world. 


Minimal competition 

While traditional Airbnb rentals face intense competition in popular locations, the tiny house niche is relatively less crowded. This allows you to carve out a unique market position and attract guests who specifically search for this type of accommodation. 


Satisfy the demands of local explorers 

Not only does Airbnb offer an international reach, but renting to locals can also be incredibly rewarding. Many people are searching for a change of pace, a weekend getaway, or even a long-term solution in a cozy, minimalist space. Cater to the desires of local adventurers and watch your bookings soar. 


Unlock your financial freedom 

Don’t let financial constraints hold you back any longer. Embrace the exciting world of tiny home rentals and unlock your path to financial freedom. Whether you’re seeking passive income or aiming to diversify your investment portfolio, our tiny homes are the perfect opportunity. From additional income and flexibility to unique accommodation styles and personal enjoyment, the benefits are numerous. 


All of our designs are in stock and ready for delivery to your site. 


Curious about an Airbnb tiny home income? Join our open home viewing 

If you’d like to know more, we invite you to our show homes at 362 Hight Street, Motueka (During winter time just by appointment). It’s an opportunity for you to experience our tiny home designs and explore how you can embark on this exciting venture. 

Reserve your viewing time Contact us now!  

About Us

Arohanui Tiny Homes  was born in 2021 (aroha nui = deep affection) with a passion to design affordable, stylish and innovative tiny homes on wheels - Tiny Homes, Big on Love.
We aim to meet the need of people, especially in the Tasman / Nelson regions.