The Dome (22SQM)

The Dome

The Dome is a single bedroom tiny home on wheels, built on a 2.4m x 7m platform, with 22 m2 of floorspace.
Perfect for singles, couples or Airbnb rentals.
Beneath its curved roof, you’ll find all you need including a cozy wood burning stove.
This design is also self-contained.  

Investment: $104,000 (including appliances)

 SALE: Now $94,000 (incl. appliances)

Domed Roof 

The curved roof of our Dome design creates a unique and eye-catching design that stands out from more traditional flat roofs. The gentle curve provides a sense of movement and organic fluidity that harmonises with the natural landscape. What’s more, it sheds rain water very well and allows for additional headroom in the lofted sleeping area.


Folding Wooden Deck

Our Dome design comes with its own integral fold down 2.5 by 2.5 m wooden deck. With your own ready-to-go deck, you’ll be able to immediately make use of extended living space and creates an outdoor area for relaxation and entertainment. If you’re leaving your tiny home unoccupied for extended periods of time, you can fold up the deck to gives you that extra security.

Wood Burning Stove

There’s nothing like a wood burning stove to provide both warmth and ambiance in your tiny home. With your own English made ‘Little Hobbit’ stove by Salamander, you’ll be able to heat your Dome independently of gas or electricity, and make your winters cosier than ever! How about a stove-top kettle?


Stained Glass Window

A small stained glass window  feature in the bathroom adds another artisan touch to our Dome design, giving a sense of tranquility and relaxation in a small space. The stained glass allows natural light and pop of colour to filter into the bathroom while maintaining your privacy.

French Doors + Side Door

French Doors add a touch of style and functionality to the Dome design. They allow natural light to flood in, making the living space feel brighter and more open. They also  provide easy access to the deck, extending your living space, so you can better enjoy the outside space. An additional separate side-door on the Dome, improves the functionality of the tiny home, improving the overall flow of the space, and allowing you greater flexibility in terms of how it is used.


Full Features:

Perfect for singles, couples or Airbnb rentals

2.4m x 7m platform. Light Steel Frame. Total weight: 3.9 tonnes.

22 sqm total internal floor space (inc. lofted bedroom)

Unique Domed Roof design

Folding deck (6.25 sqm)

French Doors & Side Door

Plenty of storage space

Bathroom with shower, vanity & toilet (Bambooloo Composting toilet or flushing toilet)

Kitchen with gas stove,electric oven and fridge. The raised kitchen area provides ample counter space

English made (Salamander) Wood-burning stove

German branded (Siegenia) double-glazed windows and doors.

Fully insulated walls, floors, ceiling.

Australian made Thermann gas califont for hot water

Roof conduit for solar panel cabling.

Stained glass window feature in bathroom

Self Contained (fresh and grey water tanks).

About Us

Arohanui Tiny Homes  was born in 2021 (aroha nui = deep affection) with a passion to design affordable, stylish and innovative tiny homes on wheels - Tiny Homes, Big on Love.
We aim to meet the need of people, especially in the Tasman / Nelson regions.